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 Can someone please disagree?

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PostSubject: Can someone please disagree?   Fri Oct 23, 2009 2:01 pm

So. My parents believe my literary knowledge is, and I quote, rudimentary. My dad is particularly annoyed that I don't know the name of some Shakespeare translator or other (which is, by the way, because I am smart enough to read Shakespeare in the original language, and don't need any translations).

So now I feel bad about myself. I always had the impression that I am actually rather well-read for my age, I mean, I've read Dickens, Shakespeare, Goethe, Austen, Steinbeck, even freaking Faulkner, and lots of others, and still I'm not well-read enough for my parents? I tried to speak to them about it, and tried to defend myself, but apparently all that is left to do is spend all my free time reading books that my parents find appropriate. Right now, I am fighting my way through Heinrich Böll, "The Clown", which is both crappy, boring, and on page 150 I am still looking for anything that resembles a plot.

Can anyone please tell me that I'm not stupid?

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PostSubject: Re: Can someone please disagree?   Fri Oct 23, 2009 3:43 pm

Laura, well, first of all:


Now, of course you're not stupid. We know that, and you know that. You are considerably better read than many others your age, or any age. And I'll tell you what: your parents know that as well. They are trying to conform you into what they consider to be their own ideal, and that is not right.

You are your own person. You don't have to apologize or justify anything to anybody, not even your parents.

I know this is upsetting you, and I wish I could say something else to make you feel better. Even though you know it's illogical, emotionally you are feeling you are letting your parents down by not meeting their strict standards. You know this isn't rational. Yet rationality and strong emotions have never seen eye to eye.

But I'll tell you this: from where I'm standing, I am seeing an incredibly bright, special, and indispensible person and friend. Someday your parents will accept you for who you are, and if they don't, it is their loss, not yours.

You're one of the best, Laura. thumbs Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: Can someone please disagree?   Mon Nov 02, 2009 5:47 am

Since Paul already gave about the most well-rounded reply possible, I will simply say this:

You are not stupid, you are a very wonderful and talented person. I'm pretty sure almost all of LC adores you, and I have to say I admire you very much.
Many parents will try to fit you into their 'cookie cutter' of a mold. If it doesn't work, you are never to blame. Instead, you are to be credited with being your own person. Keep on doing that.
huuuug huuuug
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PostSubject: Re: Can someone please disagree?   

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Can someone please disagree?
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